Top 5 popular vacuums used by professional cleaners

vacuums used by professional cleaners

Posted / 9th January 2020

If you’re in the business of professional cleaning then it goes without saying that you need the state-of-the-art tools to make sure you’re carrying out your work properly. One of the first places to start is normally a vacuum cleaner.

Professional cleaners will more than likely be using state of the art equipment. This is no different when it comes to a vacuum. So with that in mind, we’re going to outline 5 popular choices for professional cleaners. In doing so giving you the tools to make sure you’re carrying out a professional cleaning job!


Before that though, it’s important to outline the key qualities to look out for:

  1. Power
  2. Capacity
  3. Durability

Combining all 3 of the above delivers a powerful, professional vacuum. Making your job much easier.


5 Best vacuums used by professional cleaners



First on this list, and, potentially the most obvious choice is the NUMATIC NRV20021. Often mistaken as it’s brand partner ‘Henry’ you tend to see the Numatic around most workplaces, which is why it’s top of our list.

It’s popularity isn’t unwarranted either. It’s power and ability to hold mass mean it’s extremely efficient. However there’s a few downsides. The design means it’s less flexible in tight spaces, whilst the need to replace bags means its cost increases over time. Overall though the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for professional cleaners. The cost effectiveness of the vacuum coupled with the power and durability make it understandably a favourite.

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2.Vax Commercial VCT02

Another recognised brand here which is very popular among domestic and professional cleaners.

The Vax Commercial is light in weight and is one of the cheaper models on this list. Although this is enough for consideration, but the fact it comes with an ‘anti-tip’ and ‘quiet mode’ mean it has something over the more clumsy Numatic. Again, this model does come with drawbacks also. The lightweight design means that it struggles with more stubborn jobs, such as thick carpets.

The Vax is a more lightweight consideration, with the quiet mode a real niche of the brand. Albeit the only downside is the lack of ability for big industrial jobs.

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3. Sebo BS360

The first on this list that is an upright model, the Sebo is popular amongst industrial/professional cleaners due to its strong suction power and larger cleaning head.

Packaged with a 10m cable and a warning light when full, the Sebo is a perfect solution to quick vacuuming for professionals. Despite the benefits, its larger head can make it less mobile than the traditionally floor cleaning vacuums. However a favourite alternative to the standard vacuums listed, the Sebo is ideal if upright professional vacuuming is your goal.

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4. Draper 13785 Wet and Dry

A relatively inexpensive vacuum with a 20 litre tank, ability to pick up both dry debris and liquid spills, and comes with several accessories. Yes the Draper seems pretty vulnerable, however it wasn’t designed as a professional vacuum.

It’s durability and proficiency in carrying out small/medium jobs however makes it amongst the most popular for professional cleaners. The fact that it’s so easy to manoeuvre added to the strong suction power makes it a pretty strong contender for best choice on this list. But like the others, there are drawbacks. The noise of the draper can be enough to distract those looking to carry out quieter jobs and with a less than durable set of castors it can be a tough ask for strenuous jobs.

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5. Nilfisk Aero 26-21 Wet & Dry

Last but definitely not least is a model from Aero who specialise in all purpose wet and dry vacuums. Ideal for professional cleaners it’s a relatively quiet and compact model. Versatility is a key component here, as the Nifisk tackles everything from dust to construction site debris. Alongside this it’s also built with a powerful motor, which allows for anĀ air flow of up to 3600 litres per minute. The only downside to the Nilfisk is that it doesn’t tackle carpet cleaning, albeit everything else is pretty much covered!

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It’s clear that there’s a wide variety of vacuums that professional cleaners pick and choose for their jobs. We’ve listed a variety of those that are most popular on the market, all with their own qualities and drawbacks. With that information you should be able to gauge which vacuum you need for your professional cleaning job.