5 Tips For a Spotless Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Posted / 12th December 2019

Starting your new commercial or home cleaning business? Looking for the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques?

If you’re answering yes to either of these two questions, then you need to know how to properly clean the most important room in the house.


The Bathroom.


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Before we begin there’s need to note that this list is not to say any other techniques are wrong.

Although here at Bright Academy our experience in commercial and home cleaning courses gives us enough insight into efficient ways to clean.

So, we feel we have ample authority on listing 5 tips for a spotless bathroom:


1.     Make sure the room is clear

This is probably the best place to start. Obviously, you want to make sure your work area is totally clear of anything that doesn’t need to be in the bathroom.

From a commercial cleaning standpoint this should be easy to start with, however house cleaning can throw up issues here.

From this point it’s vital to clean in behind any freestanding furniture. From a commercial cleaning perspective this should be more straightforward. Starting with a long broom to remove dust from cabinets and shelves then clean with detergent.



2.     Tackle the limescale

If you’re house cleaning or commercial cleaning this is still vital in leaving your bathroom spotless. Using a small brush, you can tackle the taps and shower easily to remove any visible limescale from sinks, baths and showers.

If budget is an issue, then you can use vinegar and a kitchen towel to get at those affected areas. Leave then for an hour and wiped down.



3.     Cleaning for the shower

Can be tricky but is essential to getting a good thorough clean of your bathroom. For a natural cleanse you should combine bicarbonate soda and water (leave for 15 mins) then scrub and rinse.

If you have communal showers to clean as part of your commercial cleaning business, then trying something more industrial will work depending on the circumstance. Limescale on the showerhead applies to both house and commercial cleaning. For a natural remedy, using vinegar and water combined, soaked for a couple hours can reduce the causes.

Moving onto shower doors can be more challenging also. Using typical window or glass cleaner may not work. Vinegar is your friend once again, using this combined with hot water on doors for 10 minutes yields positive results.



4.     Toilet cleaning

This can be the biggest challenge for most as the build-up of bacteria dictates a lot of work usually. This doesn’t need to be the case for either commercial or house cleaning businesses.

Start with the surfaces. Spraying all areas with an anti-bacterial solution then leaving for 10 minutes before wiping down will do the trick.

If you are battling tougher rust, limescale or stains then removing the water and going for a more aggressive cleaner will help.



5.     Make it sparkle

Once you’ve tackled all the bigger, more time-consuming elements of the bathroom clean, it’s time to put on the finishing touches.

Inexpensive cleaning solutions for both your commercial and house cleaning business are out there, and once again, vinegar is a go to for results. Mixing equal parts vinegar and water and spraying on all surfaces, doors and metals can work wonders.

A final note though, be careful not to scratch any enamel or surfaces with heavy work!



Overall, there are quick and easy solutions out there that will give you a short-term fix for leaving your bathroom spotless. However, if you’re looking for early growth in your commercial or house cleaning business then it’s important that you’re thorough.

By following the above tips and tricks on leaving your bathroom spotless, you give yourself a better opportunity to tackle a dirty bathroom and grow your business reputation!