8 Top Tips for Spotless Kitchens

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Posted / 11th December 2018

Overwhelmed by the thought of tackling that ever-growing pile of dishes, grease stained oven and sticky floor? Cleaning the kitchen can seem like a daunting, endless task. We know how quick your kitchen can get dirty, but with these simple tips, you can transform the hub of your home into a sparkling, organised space.

Grab your rubber gloves, put on your favourite music; it’s time to spruce up the most important room in your home.


Every minute counts…

Waiting on the dishwasher to finish or the kettle to boil? Instead of stalling, use your time wisely to wipe down cupboards, surfaces and appliances. Clutter is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to kitchen mess. Bin that junk paperwork, organise the important post and put everything else in its rightful location.


Mini fridge clean-out

Scan the fridge for any leakages and spills and give them a wipe before they become difficult to budge. Check for out of date food and bin it to avoid a horrid smell taking over the kitchen.


Shine the sink

Does your stainless-steel sink look dull or tarnished? Make it sparkle again using a drop of washing up liquid and scrub with a damp scourer sponge. To finish, wipe with a white distilled vinegar covered cloth and dry off with kitchen roll to get the perfect shine.

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Banish sink blockages

One of the dirtiest places in the kitchen, the sink is often neglected. Is there an unpleasant smell starting to rise, or is water slow to drain away? It’s possible that food particles are trapped causing a foul smell to circulate. Solution? Sometimes all that’s needed is a flush of boiling water to remove bacteria stuck in the drain. For more stubborn blockages, a cup of bicarbonate of soda, a handful of soda crystals and a double wash of boiling water will do the trick. (baking soda and vinegar also a great option here!)


Oven scrub

A quick wipe down after every use is sufficient to keep your oven clean weekly. However, if you’ve let stains build up over time or want a more rigorous oven clean, coat the interior surfaces with a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water (avoiding the heating elements). Let it sit overnight and wash down with hot water and scourer sponge.


Oven shelves

The oven interior is gleaming, but don’t forget about the shelves. To ensure a hygienic cooking environment, it’s crucial to clean the shelving to remove any lingering bacteria. An easy way to spruce up your oven racks is to place them in a resealable plastic bag or a storage tub, spray with oven cleaner or dishwasher detergent and leave to sit. (Oven Pride is an outstanding product for this!) Soak with warm water and use a scourer to remove any remaining grime.


Oven glass

Stubborn grease stains on the glass door of your oven? Don’t fret. A glass scraper is the perfect tool for removing persistent grease coating. Pour some warm soapy water on the glass and scrape away the residue.


Squeaky clean floors

You’ve dusted, tidied and cleaned down all your appliances, all that remains is to scrub the floor as you make your way out of the kitchen for a well needed rest. Lighten the load by sweeping up every day to stop crumbs and dust gathering. And mopping? Avoid reusing dirty water with a traditional string mop. Whether your floor is wood, tiles or lino, a damp microfibre floor mop will spruce up your floors. Pop the cloth in the washing machine after each use, leaving it good as new for your next clean up.


We bet your domestic chores don’t seem quite so daunting after all? We can’t make cleaning your kitchen fun, but we can help make it easy. Following our 8 time saving tips, you can transform the heart of your home into a spotless space.