Start your career in the professional cleaning sector with a certification in Commercial Cleaning Skills.

Whether you are seeking out employment as a professional cleaner or you want to be self-employed, our online course will help you take the first step.

Who should study this course?

This cleaning course is suitable for anyone who wants to work in this industry.

Whether you are seeking out employment as a professional cleaner or you want to be self-employed, our online course will help you take the first step.

You don’t need any qualifications and previous experience is unnecessary for enrolment. All you need is an interest in cleaning, a little motivation and a way to access our course materials online.

Course graduates will:

  • Be able to identify the different types of cleaning equipment and materials that will be needed when cleaning different areas within a commercial work space.
  • Be fully aware of health and safety standards
  • Be aware of the different unexpected situations that might occur when cleaning and how to handle them
  • Be aware of the circumstances under which to call maintenance
  • Understand the importance of following the correct cleaning procedures and be able to identify different disposal methods for different types of waste
  • Understand what cleaning records need to be completed

Lesson Plan

The subjects covered in this module include:

Module 1: An Introduction to Your Role

    • Specification & Work Plans
    • Health & Safety
    • Customer Experience & Professional Conduct
    • Innovation & Service Improvements


Module 2: Health & Safety

    • Chemical Handling & Care
    • Equipment Handling & Care
    • Manual Handling
    • Working at Height
    • Slips, Trips & Falls
    • Infection Control


Module 3: Areas of Work

    • Bins, Refuse Removal & Recycling
    • Commercial Bathroom Cleaning
    • Janitorial Bathroom Duties
    • Communal & Private Office Space
    • Technology Cleaning & Care
    • Kitchen Cleaning
    • High Profile Spaces
    • Smoking Areas
    • Car Parks & Grounds


Module 4: Key Skills

    • Waste Removal
    • Surface Cleaning
    • Vacuming
    • Mopping
    • Bathroom Duties
    • Periodic Duties
    • Infection Control
    • Record Keeping


Module 5: Specialised Skills

    • Buffing
    • Removing Carpet Stains
    • Lime Scale Removal
    • Shower Head Decontamination
    • Computer Cleaning
    • Machine Operated Scrubber/Drying
    • Specialist Cleaning

How much does the course cost?

The course is £49 per person.


Who should enroll in the course?

This course is suitable for anyone working in hospitality.


How many lessons are in the course?

The course consists of 5 modules. Modules are broken down into units, varying from 4 units, to 8 units, depending on the module content.


How do I get assessed?

There is an online assessment at the end of each module. Assessment’s pass rates vary, however each you must pass each before you can move onto the next module. You can resit the assessments as many times as you need to.


Do I get a professional certificate?

Yes. Once you complete all modules and successfully pass each assessment, you will received a course completion certificate.

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Commercial cleaning certificate


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