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Cleaning Compliance Certification

Our Cleaning Compliance Certifcation ENSURES that your organisation is fully secure in it’s protection from Covid-19.  our Certification includes a pre and a post-audit of your premises to ensure that you have all the protocols in place to operate safely.

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Our Lead Worker Representative course will give your appointed person the full understanding of thier responsibilities as a Lead Worker along with the prevention strategies and tools to keep your organisation safe and the knowledge to control an outbreak should one occur.

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Our Female Leadership Academy is a 6 month program that provides mentoring and coaching for the female leaders of small and medium businesses to move them from feeling overwhelmed in their business to confidently knowing their business can run like clockwork without them.

Combat COVID-19

Learn the cleaning skills, disinfection and infection control techniques used by professional cleaners to combat the risk posed by Covid-19.

For the Next Level

An intensive 8-week program that dives deep into your business, to systemise and automate your operation and help you grow your business profitably while giving your more free time.

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Learn what processes to use, what chemicals are effective and how to keep yourself and your clients safe as a cleaning professional providing services during the Covid-19 pandemi

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This course gives you all the information you will need to carry out safe and effective cleaning in a School setting during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Whether you are seeking out employment as a professional cleaner or you want to be self-employed, our online course will help you take the first step.

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This course gives you all the information you need to operate a successful professional house cleaning business.