Speed Cleaning – what is it and how you can use it to maximise your profits

Speed Cleaning

Posted / 27th May 2019

Speed cleaning is more than just running around and cleaning as fast as you can, it’s tactical. Using clever time saving hacks and efficient processes, speed cleaning allows you to get more done, in less time, without sacrificing quality… so, how does it work?


1.      No wasted trips

Never walk around empty handed. When you’re travelling around the house, ensure that you are never wasting a journey by not taking things with you. This might mean carrying items back to their original room, or moving cleaning products into the next area you are cleaning. Repeated trips up and down the stairs are a time waster.


2.      Make your tools easily accessible

Whether you use a cleaning caddy or a tool belt, ensure that your cleaning equipment is always to hand and easily movable. Be sure to replace empty items and dispose of dirty or used clothes in between cleans.


3.      Work from top to bottom

Clean upstairs first and work your way down – literally cleaning your way out of the house. If you start downstairs, you’ll only walk all over the areas you’ve cleaned.


4.      Use the right tools

Get savvy when it comes to your products. If a stain looks like it’ll be difficult to get off, don’t start with the antibacterial spray and then move on to the heavy duty stuff – go for the heavy duty stuff straight away. Try not to waste time scrubbing things that could have been removed the first time – leave baked on stains to soak up product whilst you address another area.


5.      Stay focused

Try not to let the mind wander, concentrate on the task at hand. By being present in the job you’re doing, you’ll do it well and won’t need to repeat it. Be sure to keep both hands at work at all times. See also a number of other tips to increase your cleaning business profits.


6.      Work as a team

Split jobs down the middle and try not to cross over each other’s areas. Perhaps one of you could tackle the bathrooms whilst the other hoovers the bedrooms. Maybe someone vacuums, whilst the other one follows with a mop. Take advantage of great teamwork and work in tandem to get the job done faster.

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Why speed clean?

Efficient cleaning has a number of great benefits:

          By cleaning quickly, you can maximise your hourly rate. This may enable you to fit in more customers in day and, therefore, earn more.

          You can charge more if you’re fast. Getting a reputation for fast and thorough cleans will keep you booked and busy!

          The client will be happy. If you’re only in the house for a short amount of time, the client will be happy and not inconvenienced – meaning they’ll keep using your services.

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