Marketing your services

marketing cleaning services

Posted / 4th November 2019

How do you go about marketing your cleaning services in this competitive age?

In this post we’ll be discussing our top tips for getting you out there, sharing your brand with the masses.

  1. Tell a story

People are nosey and love to hear the background behind a business. Are you family run? Are you besties? What made you start cleaning? Why do you love it so much? Sharing your story on your website, social media and with people you meet is an easy way to get people feeling comfortable around you. Remember, trust gets you through the door!


  1. Showcase your skills!

Just done a really great job on an end of tenancy clean? De-limescaled a clogged tap? Got a surface shining like a mirror? Take before and after photos all the time and share them online! Talk about how you achieved such a great finish and discuss how great it makes you feel. If people see the passion in your work, they’ll be more inclined to hit the ‘book now’ button.


  1. Don’t forget to network!

In this industry, you are literally the face of your business. Whilst expressing yourself online is vitally important, don’t forget the power of an in-person conversation. Networking events, coffee mornings and local get togethers are great opportunities to inspire trust and create connections.


  1. Partner up!

Find other businesses in your area with complimentary services and promote each other! Could you shout out your local dry cleaner in exchange for putting your business cards on their counter? Perhaps you could buddy up with a local gardener or handy-man and offer combined services?


  1. Ask an expert!

Why not encourage interaction with your brand? Either on your Facebook or in a local paper, you could offer an ‘Ask the expert’ column or video – allowing people to engage with you and have questions answered. Not only will you show off your expertise, but people will trust and relate to your kindness and willingness to help.


  1. Make referrals worthwhile

For customers that refer you, where it leads to a new client, offer an incentive! For every client that signs up because of their referral, they get a gift! It could be 10% off their next clean or a £10 Amazon voucher – whatever you think they’ll like.


  1. Get in touch!

Email is one of the most underutilised marketing tools around. Within the cleaning industry, it’s even less utilised! When clients enquire or use your services, ask if you can add them to your email list. During seasonal periods, why not email your list about additional services? Or booking in an extra clean ahead of Christmas/Bank Holidays etc. Tell them what you’ve got going on and share your expertise with people who have already shown an interest in you!


  1. Support other businesses

If you’re getting into commercial cleaning, why not go and introduce yourself to new local businesses? Drop in with a bunch of flowers, a card and a leaflet about your services.


  1. Get into bed with similar businesses

Got a local estate agent or lettings agency that shares the same ideal client as you? Approach them! If you’re aiming for high net worth executives, where are they buying homes? If you’re pitching for busy professionals who rent in the city – where are they looking for housing? Chat to builders, interior designers and anyone else who is getting inside the homes of your perfect customers.

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  1. Make it easy

Everyone who is looking for a cleaner has one thing in common – they don’t have a lot of time. Whether you’re a commercial or domestic cleaner, your clients are relying on your to make their time easier. Let this translate into your pricing structure, emails and all communication. Make it easy for them to get in touch, easy to book and easy to stay loyal to your awesome service.

The most important thing to remember about marketing is that YOU are your business. Everything you put out into the world, including the things you say, is an expression of how you do business. Always put your best foot forward by treating every conversation as a potential client conversation.

By being welcoming, collaborative and consistent in everything you do, you’ll have clients knocking the door down to work with you!