Scale your Cleaning Business by using Systems

scaling your cleaning business

Posted / 12th December 2019

Systems, systems, systems. Ok, it doesn’t sound fun or sexy does it?


But, having awesome systems if the only way to progress in business. Every moving part of your business needs a system or process assigned to it. Let’s go through some industry specific examples to give you a flavour for the superiority of systems!



Arguably one of the most stressful and unenjoyable parts of business ownership – accounting. Having systems that are easy to follow can make payroll and submitting accounts a doddle. Firstly, find a great software, learn how to use it or get an accountant to teach you the ropes. Write down every step and every process, from entering a new client’s details to filling out staff working hours.

An organised and regular payday will greatly please staff – so, implement processes that allow it to happen. For example, timesheets must be submitted by staff by 5pm on a Friday, you complete the time-sheet submission process on Friday night, then payments are scheduled and everyone receives their wages by 10am on Monday – every single week.


If you’re starting to bring on new hires, follow a predesigned set of processes. Interview, followed by paperwork, then training, then shadowing and a trial period, then solo cleans with feedback etc. Not only will you be able to follow the process without thinking, but your current staff know what to expect.


Ordering supplies

In this industry, you really can’t run out. Set up a process whereby staff can submit order requests when they get low. Have a set turnaround time for ordering new products – for example, orders must be submitted by Thursday in order to arrange Monday delivery. If you have items that are used very regularly, set up Amazon Pantry or a monthly repeat order with your commercial supplier – if things are on offer and you have space to store them, stockpile!

Customer onboarding

A professional onboarding process confirms to the client that they’ve made the right choice in hiring you. Firstly, send them a branded questionnaire to fill out, then arrange a site visit and attend looking smart. Check in after their first clean and month in to your relationship. Set reminders in your CRM system or on your phone so you never forget to check-in with new clients.


The cleaning process

Finally, the most important thing to have a widely understood process for is the clean itself. Use specialist trainings to inform your staff of the right cleaning order – top to bottom, mop your way out of a room, address clutter and high surfaces first. Keep it easy to remember and regularly remind staff of the process at meetings – give them their own handbook so their never unsure of your unique cleaning system.


Even when you’re a one-person-band, it’s worth keeping track of your processes. If one day you need to expand, you’ll already have the collateral you need in order to show someone how you work.

If you’re inputting something into a digital system, screen record it! This way, if you ever take on admin staff or need someone for holiday cover, you can literally show them the process without sitting down with them for hours.


Systems allow your business to run like clockwork, meaning you don’t have to be in the business 24/7 yourself! Systems = scaling.