How to effectively build, train and develop your cleaning team

Cleaning team

Posted / 21st February 2020

A great team of employees differentiates an average cleaning company from a first class one. When your staff have clear goals to meet, feel valued and work in an environment that fosters training and development, you’ll successfully build a reliable team of cleaning experts!

Building your workforce is a continuous process of time and resource investment, that when implemented correctly, will ensure you reap the benefits of a dedicated workforce and lower staff turnover in the long run.

So, how can you effectively build, train and develop your cleaning employees? Follow our tried and tested steps below to transform your cleaning business this year…



Set clear goals

When you’re happy that each employee has the right knowledge and experience to fulfil their role, it’s important to set clear and realistic performance goals. Let them know what standards they are expected to meet, including health and safety practices, speed cleaning, presentation, professionalism and organisation.

Learn more about setting goals for your cleaning company.


Service evaluations

Regularly carrying out impromptu service evaluations of employees enables managers to rate the level of performance in the various tasks of a cleaning job. A rating card or checklist is a good way to monitor this. Why not get your customers involved in the process too; find out how satisfied they were with your employee’s service and if there’s anything that could be improved or done differently.



Performance reviews

Retaining poor performing employees in your cleaning business can be damaging to your brand reputation as well as affecting company morale. Conducting performance reviews using knowledge gained from your service evaluations is a great way to recognise good performance with positive feedback and also highlight shortcomings and areas needing improvement. It’s important to give your employee time to feedback on your assessment and voice any concerns they have about the job.


Note: Performance assessments may pinpoint areas that your employee requires further training in, as well as skills that they’re excelling in; creating an opening for specialised roles within the business.



Online training

A well-trained and motivated team is key to ensuring high customer satisfaction and cleaning service success. Online training is great way to certify that your employees are trained to the highest standard. Whether they’re new to the industry or require a skills boost and refresh, a certification gives learners the information needed to excel in the standards expected in the cleaning industry.

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Open discussions and coaching

Employee potential is maximised when managers put their teams in a position to succeed, offer them support, and help them develop new skills. It’s a great idea to schedule open discussion sessions with your staff, invite them to voice their opinions and suggestions to foster positive, open relationships amongst the team. This not only shows that you’re open to employee ideas abut also that you value their input in the company going forward.



Investing in your employees is an investment in your business. If you want to attract and retain highly skilled cleaners, employee development is key.