Commercial Cleaning Skills: 5 Key Course Takeaways

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Posted / 2nd December 2019

Whether you’re new to the cleaning profession or want to brush up your skill set before setting up your own business, Bright Academy’s Commercial Cleaning Skills course is suitable for you. With Health and Safety standards, cleaning procedures best practices and client expectations constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of your competition and offer your commercial cleaning clients a top-class, professional service.

A certification in commercial cleaning is a sure-fire way to establish yourself as an industry expert and secure new clients. You don’t need any qualifications and previous experience is unnecessary for enrolment. All you need is an interest in cleaning, a little motivation and a way to access our course materials online.

Now, let’s look at the 5 key course takeaways from our Commercial Cleaning certification.


Health & Safety Practices

Adhering to Health and Safety standards is crucial to running a professional commercial cleaning business. You’ll learn how to correctly and safely handle all the cleaning tasks you carry out in your daily role. From minimising disruption while handling equipment and recognising manual handling hazards, to working at height, preventing injury and dealing with infection control, you’ll be fully qualified to meet the strict health and safety requirements in the industry.


Work area specifications

A Commercial building is made up of multiple areas, so, when it comes to cleaning, there are best practices for each area of work. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to identify the different types of cleaning equipment and materials that will be needed when cleaning different areas within a commercial work space. Course content outlines the correct cleaning methods for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, ensuring you meet the standard expected by commercial clients.


Key skills

Whether you’re starting from scratch in your cleaning career, or seeking to employ cleaners for your company, ensuring you and your staff can nail the key cleaning skills is a must. You’ll takeaway the key cleaning skills and procedures needed to clean all the core areas of a commercial building, as well as the correct methods for keeping records.

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Specialised Skills

After covering the key skills, you’ll learn how to assess specialised cleaning jobs against industry standards to identify the most suitable equipment, chemicals and techniques to complete the tasks in a safe manner for both the operator and building occupants.


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Competent to deal with all situations

An important skill for any cleaner is the ability to deal with tricky events and make decisions in a professional manner. Following completion of our Commercial Cleaning course, graduates will be aware of the different unexpected situations that might occur when cleaning and how to handle them, as well as circumstances under which to call maintenance.


There’s never been a better time to develop your cleaning skills and boost your career opportunities within the commercial cleaning industry. With 24/7 access to course content and industry leading tutors, you’ll gain everything you need to advance your cleaning career.

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